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2nd Edition of the book (German) gets rewritten

I decided to rewrite the once finished manuscript of the 2nd edition of the book. This thread will contain some occasional updates. Comment and ask as you like.

inb4: "What about the translation?"

When the German 2nd edition is finished -- and the course -- I will think about the process of translating.

Update 2019-06-19

The introduction is finished and will need only one step of rewriting when the whole manuscript is finished.


  • Is this thread an accountability-measure? If so, I'll be watching it ;-)

  • Not really. More for transparency. But I don't mind if you bug me a little bit.. :smile:

    Update 2019-06-22

    Introduced a learning concept as the start of the book: The One-File-Archive. To remove the need for specialized software you will learn the concepts with just one plaintext file. Only after the introduction of all major concepts I will go into different software (and analog) solutions.

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