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Can you help with a theming dilemma?

When searching my archive for a term, the first instance of a term in a note will have a "backgroundColor" that doesn't seem to respond to the "backgroundColor" or the "unfocusedBackgroundColor". As soon as it is selected it becomes focused and changes to the "backgroundColor".

Is there a way to get the initial instance of the hit to match the highlighted backgroundColor?

Here are two screenshots showing the behavior. This is using @Basil's PrettyFunctional theme.

After selection the first instance.

Will Simpson
“Read Poetry, Listen to Good Music, and Get Exercise”


  • When you have "highlight search terms" on, the first match is actually pre-selected. That's why it doesn't have the highlight color, but the inactive selection color.

    This behavior was part of the earliest things we had in The Archive to mimick the interaction with Notational Velocity. I for one haven't taken a fresh look at the NV clichés in the last 3 years. So this could be a good reminder when we work on v2.

    In other words, the general behavior is not a bug, and theme authors cannot do much. I did notice some inconsistencies in coloring in v1.7.0 and will see where these stem from. So the overall situation might get better yet :)

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  • Well, there is more than one way to skin a cat. I switch my theme so my backgroundColor matches the default backgroundColor The Archive forces on me. I'm pretty happy with the results.

    You can see in the screenshot that all the highlights are of the same format and color. No more missing a highlight because it has a different backgroundColor, they are all the same.

    Small tweaks help my cognitively handicapped mind.

    Will Simpson
    “Read Poetry, Listen to Good Music, and Get Exercise”

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    Small tweaks help my cognitively handicapped mind

    @Will I wouldn't say that! Aesthetics is important for minimizing distraction and helping one get into the flow state of work. I heavily edited the look of my zettelkasten.

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