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Just a little tipp from my heart:

I started my own Zettelkasten as a paper-based Zettelkasten about Zettelkasten. It basically started developing itself. I continue to maintain those departments for obvious reasons. Many interactions in this forum inspire some thoughts that are all captured in my Zettelkasten.

If you process what you read and write in this forum you'll get a nice and personalised department on the topic. Additionally, you'll increase the depth of processing and perhaps generate new ideas to share with us. :kissing_heart:

I am a Zettler


  • I've did something roughly similar. My first notes in my Zettelkasten (proper Zettelkasten) were notes about Zettelkasten -- a lovely piece of self-describing, self-containing content. Reminds me of Escher's hands drawing themselves.

    On that note, I think it would help many people grok the Zettelkasten subject is that was the recommended way of working with it. Among the first questions is "what should the first note be?" Of course it doesn't matter that much, but then as a starting point a good recommendation is "The definition of a Zettelkasten" (A collection of small inter-linked notes or something) and then grow it from there.

    Maybe it could be spiced up with some of the nice interactivity of this work on flashcards: https://ncase.me/remember/

  • Escher's hands are the one thing I always thought about that. :smile:

    I am a Zettler

  • @henrikenggaard said:
    Among the first questions is "what should the first note be?"

    I've just written my own version of Luhmann's first note. Just as a reminder why the heck I went on such a mission or long-term investment to start working on this slowly growing lake of sedimented thinking that I sometimes swim in, sometimes take a deep dive in, or go rowing a boat on. And yes, I love me some metaphors.

    I am a Zettler, ie 'one who zettles'
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  • @john pray show us this gem. (Your version of Luhmann's first note.)

    I love some metaphors too but I'm not so quick on the draw like you. Thanks for the metaphor candy.

    Will Simpson
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