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Tiago Forte interviews Sönke Ahrens (author of How To Take Smart Notes)

I'm sure some of you will be interested in this event. Tomorrow, Thursday, March 19, at 9am ET, Tiago Forte is interviewing Sönke Ahrens, author of How To Take Smart Notes.

You can register via zoom at the link.


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  • Thanks for the heads up @Phil

    Everyone: registering means you receive a recording too. So even if you cannot attend in person you can watch listen to it later.

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  • Thanks for sharing! Did anyone participate even though it was on such short notice? Anything cool to share?

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  • YouTube recording of the interview:

  • I'd be very interesting in what you learned from the interview. What was new? Were there any aha-moments? And what were they?

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  • @Sascha

    I Watched the interview and found it confirming my biases. I am in the choir Sönke preaches to. Not much new but a great refresher and like I said the interview confirmed all my note-taking biases even while Sönke pointed to the zettelkasten method helping to bust biases.
    Below is the first draft of a couple of my notes taken while watching this interview.

    1. When you ask under which topic I should file a note, you are thinking like a collector. Think about what question this note can contribute to. This causes a deep dive into the content of the note. New information only makes a difference in regards to something else other already in your Zettelkasten or something you'll be working on in the future.

    2. Topic = thinking about at a high level
      Context = thinking within something - looking at the difference - an addition, contradiction, bias busting - make this explicit.

    The other thing Sönke talked briefly about at the end was in the future the idea of sharing and linking Zettelkastens across users. How might this be handled, he didn't speculate. It is an interesting idea.

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  • Thanks, @Will .

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