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Are you using the keyword index in books?

The question came to my mind because I am deciding if I create one for the second edition of the Zettelkasten Method book.

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  • Depends on the kind of book but if it is a book I try to learn something from and that I might come back to from time to time to reread something, then a strong yes from me. It is soooo helpful if I go "hmm I forgot how to do partial pooling for my hierarchical model" and I can just open up the index and find the exact page it is described on in like 5 seconds.

  • For me, sometimes in paper books, but never in electronic books.

  • I use it a lot when reading scientific books. Especially if I look up a special topic, without having thoroughly processed the entire book.

  • @cobblepot said:
    For me, sometimes in paper books, but never in electronic books.

    Same here, although when I approach a book (electronic too) topological, i.e., I want to read about only select parts instead of reading it from A to Z, then an index is indispensable. It can make a difference between a rough experience and the task being a breeze.

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  • I make frequent use of the keyword index in books. I find it useful even in eBooks because, although I can search the book for a word I can't see how the author may have grouped keywords.

  • Ok... :disappointed: I write it on the ToDo-List. "Thanks".

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