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Call for "Critique my Zettel"-Notes

Hi Zettlers,

I want to re-write the coaching page to make it more understandable what the actual benefits of coaching will be. I thought to create some public examples on how I critique a note.

So, I am asking for some notes I can comment on and give my 2 cents similar to the style like in this occurence [CLICK ME]

The first 7 notes will get a thorough commentary.

To get this extensive feedback you need to explicitely agree to publish under this creative commons licence.

Live long and prosper

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  • Arrgh, I would like to receive comments on my last Zettel since it is the longest so far, but I need to add more fuel to it so that it burns as it should.

    I'll try to make it into the top 7. If I don't, at least I'll get to see your thought process plus there's the comment you linked to. I look forward to this thread.

  • Thank you all for donating your precious notes!

    As you can already see, I am going one by one. I will start to reply to your following up comments/questions when I commented on all notes.

    When all notes are appropriately commented on and talked about I will attempt to make a meta-comment in form of a medium-length blogpost to extract out some general learnings and reconnect it to the bigger picture.

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  • I am sorry to be late @Sascha, do I have to write a mail for the creative common licence ? I agree with it, of course, I would be happy if it you can use the work you'll do on my work to help you. Thank you a lot for your time ! I've read every feedbacks you made by now, and it was really instructive.

    _— I added the french original version to help understanding my english translation, don't hesitate to ask if words or formulations seem problematic or blurry. _

  • Extracted out the note by Darryl accidentely. So, the order is off. Accidentely, Darryl comes first, then amahabal.

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  • I am working now on the last note by @amahabal

    Perhaps, there will be another event like this. I learned a lot myself.

    Thanks so far. The thread is closed now.

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