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Star Wars inspired diorama fish tank

I started this before Christmas, and finished it a couple of months back, but only just finished adding all the fish into it that we wanted (actually, we are due to get another 5 or 10 neon tetras for my eldest’s birthday, but it’s full at that point).
I found some plans for a 3D Moon of Endor bunker which I had printed, then took a drill to the back of it to run a tube into it and slowly fill with air to have a few little bubbles come out.
Ewok attack, speeder bikes, and AT-ST lego packs I found on Gumtree for a decent price, and the other bits and bobs I picked up over time.
The kids put all the Lego together, and have been choosing the fish to put in (with some guidance from me and the Internet).
I was sensible and glued a big(ish) panel of Lego to the bottom of the tank before doing anything else, but actually attaching the Lego men/items to it is more trouble than you think now that the sand is on top…

The algae has taken hold though, so going to need to do a cleanup job unless I can get some adult shrimp that will do a better job than the oto’s i bought for cleanup purposes…


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    Oh, and the ewok on the hang glider (on the right) isn’t usually like how it is in the picture. It keeps being caught by the current of the water and flipped over, so need to figure out how to keep it stable

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    Haha! Very cool (and a lot of work, by the looks of things).

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    Reminds me that I want to build a self-cleaning fish tank with a lot of predators to breed a super breed.

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