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  • VDL1516

    Hope all is well. I am also a Charlie Munger fan and love his idea of a mental latticework. I am sure you are aware of Farnam Street and Shane Parish? Shane wrote two excellent books on mental models. I am curious to your approach on learning the mental models. They are so fascinating though there are so many that how do you remember which to use in which situation? How are you approaching remembering and applying them? Thank you.

    December 2020
    • sepuku
      Sorry for the delay in response! It’s been a busy time, and I only just saw this!

      Yes, actually I have both books (on kindle unfortunately as I can’t seem to source the hardbacks for love nor money), and I’m working my way through them, a model a week. I also cross reference against the article on the fs.blog website too, just to try and glean a little more context (along with Wikipedia).

      I have a colleague who is also a Shane Parrish fan, so we have a regular 30 mins catch up on a Friday morning, that we talk about our understanding of “this weeks” model, discuss, and formulate our summaries from that.
      This helps clear up misunderstanding (which does happen) and triggers other conversation tangents (book recommendations, etc - we have a similar taste and reading habit).

      With regards to application:
      Because I’m now working from home full time, and I have a physical ZK sitting right next to me, I have my 6x4 note cards opened to the mental models/cognitive biases section, and try to flick through them when I’m in the middle of decision making, meetings (cognitive biases are useful here), etc.

      The next book on my to read list after I’m done with the mental model ones, is the laws of human nature by Robert Greene, to start filling out the cognitive bias section a little more, along with some human nature notes. I actually have peoples names written on the back of some of these cognitive biases note cards, of people I know who are prone to this type of thinking, along with the bias they are known for on their 1:1 page in my note book. Same will likely happen with the human nature book too.

      Hope this helps!

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