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[Article] Suping Up VS Code as a Markdown Notebook

Hey Zettlers!

I've been lurking here for the last couple of months but just decided to create an account to share something with you! I stumbled upon the zettelkasten method by chance and have been using a lot of different tools to manage my notes before (evernote, nvalt, apple notes, bear, notion and more)


It is an article about using VSCode as Markdown Notebook (or Zettelkasten if you wish) i just found on hackernews.

I am using The Archive myself but always think it's interesting to see different approaches, and the beauty of markdown is, i can even use them simultaneously.



  • Thanks for sharing. I tired this Add-On on Windows but unfortunately it didn't work at all. Do you use it on windows? Cheers Philip

  • Thanks for this link.
    I am hoping to get a zettelkasten going very soon in Atom or VSCode. This add-on is almost a one-stop resource, except unfortunately it does wiki-style descriptive IDs instead of date-time stamps. There are quite a few timestamp add-ons for VSCode, so maybe a combination of add-ons will do it. Plus I am a coder, so perhaps I will find some time to customize it.

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