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Is it possible to have The Archive on more than one computer?

I have only recently started using The Archive (along with Zotero). I am delighted. It is great. I am using it on my iMac at home. Is it possible (as it is with Zotero) to have The Archive on my laptop so that I can use it at the library, and sync with my home Archive? (I tried searching the Forum for this but did not find an answer).


  • Hi @GeorgeF I use it by working on my notes that are themselves synced via Dropbox.
    The Archive app itself has no syncing options since it does not carry the files as storage so to speak, it only points at a folder where your files are stored.

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  • If you synchronize data via iCloud, you can also use a shared folder in iCloud, if you want.

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  • Hi @John and @ctietze ; many thanks. So if I understand correctly, the notes I have made so far in The Archive (on my iMac) are stored in the Cloud; so if this is the case, I could have The Archive on my laptop and point it at the same data folder and therefore it would update automatically. But where, at present, is my data stored? And: do I need to buy another licence for my laptop, and to download The Archive? (It is very reasonably priced, I am happy to do this). Like @John, I use Dropbox. Should I arrange to have my notes stored in Dropbox? If so, how do I do that? Excuse my naiveté; but perhaps my naiveté can be of help to you because I think this App is great and you should be able to attract a wide public, many of who are not tech savvy.

  • By default, The Archive stores your notes in your user's Documents directory, not in the cloud. That's up to you. You can use "Reveal in Finder" on any note to get to the local storage quickly.

    You can use a folder in your Dropbox or iCloud anytime: in The Archive's "General" preferences, you can use the "Switch Archives" button to pick a new folder. If you want, you can also just move the existing local folder into your Dropbox. The Archive will complain that the folder is gone and prompt you to select it again.

    Licenses are per-user licenses, so you don't have to buy another one for your 2nd computer.

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  • @GeorgeF, you posed exactly my question! May I ask: did you pursue the cloud-based option for your notes, so you could access from multiple devices? If so, how's it working out? If not, what prompted that decision? Thank you!

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