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How do you deal with personal questions?

Hello, folks! First time poster here.

I'd like to hear from you about the ways you deal with inquiries that may arise while surfing the Zettelkasten. Suppose you're reading an old zettel about X, and suddenly you think "well, what if X is false?" Do you annotate your zettel, or create a new empty zettel with only that question? Or do you remind yourself (e.g. an external task list) to investigate the matter later? The latter is my current solution, but I'm unsure it's the ideal one.



  • The answer is all of the above!
    At different times, in different situations, I'll annotate the current note in question. Sometimes, I'll start a new note and link it back. Oh, sacrilegious, sometimes I'll even delete a note if I find I was "false" in my thinking. Sometimes I'll add a task to my external task list. I find this last option less than satisfying. It becomes another nag. Easily put off because when I'm present with my tasks, I'm not in my Zettelkasten. In my search for a way to have these "note tasks" in my face when I'm in my Zettelsaten, I temporarily modify the note titles adding, in my case, a '✔︎' and then use a saved search that I call 'Work in Progress'. I see it in the sidebar when I am in my Zettelkasten and have the time and attention to do work. This has helped me stay focused.

    These are my current project tasks.

    Hope this helps.

    Will Simpson
    I must keep doing my best even though I'm a failure. My peak cognition is behind me. One day soon I will read my last book, write my last note, eat my last meal, and kiss my sweetie for the last time.

  • I either look up what I want to add/fix right away or I write down my question right in the note and put an XX right next to it. Every once in a while when I am connected to the Internet or in the mood to take care of those "fixes" I just search my zettelkasten for all "XX" so that I can recover the questions and answer them.

  • My approach is quite easy: I see Structure Zettel as working desk environments. If I'd challenge X I'd have a Zettel on its own with my reasoning behind my doubts. The challenging Zettel would be incorporated in the relevant Structure Zettel and linked to the Zettel that deal with X.

    I am a Zettler

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