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I have been trying to use this method on an on-and-off basis. However, I am not still quite sure how to use this system. I feel that if I see someone using this system then I may be better able to understand the system. I wish I could review Luhmann's notes but they all are in German, so can't really benefit from there. If someone, has shared similar content on some subject in English then it would perhaps be more helpful.

Really appreciate any thoughts, suggestions, ideas on this.


  • @dhrona, I can recommend @ctietze's youtube series where he processes Davis Epstein's book "Range".

    I've posted a couple of screenshots of my notes during various discussions. I wish I could point you to them but I'm unable to find them quickly.

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  • If you want to inform yourself on Luhmann's personal method: He wrote an article that covers his system: http://luhmann.surge.sh/

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