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Cytoscape.js graph / network visualization library & demos

Stumbled upon this the other day:


It's a library for graph/network analysis. I don't know what you typically analyze there and what kind of results you can get, but it can analyze graph data (in "headless" mode) as much as it can visualize the resulting graphs on screen.

It's interactive, so you can shove nodes around.

The "fCoSE" demo reminded me of Zettel hubs: https://ivis-at-bilkent.github.io/cytoscape.js-fcose/demo.html

I don't have the time to play around with that, but maybe someone around here has!

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  • Somebody's already started:
    ..there's still no release though.

  • Wow! That is functionally very powerful if added to a software tool Zettelkasten indeed. It visualizes the entry points and subsequent paths of discovery one can have with their Zettels.

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  • For those using TiddlyWiki there is a great plug-in called TiddlyMap, which adds support for this. It is also possible to edit the layout and connections manually in map. It is really useful for visually navigating notes.

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