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Tracking Destination References

When I collect a quote or a claim, I will often cite the source using multimarkdown cite keys, and include the full reference at the bottom of my note, i.e.,

> Here's a quote. [#202001241413][]

[#202001241413]: John Doe. *Some Big Fancy Book*.  Vanity Press, 2006.

When I later share that quote externally, on social media (for example), I often want to track where I've shared it. This way, I can keep track of the fact I've shared it, identify if I've shared it in one place and not another, see how people responded to it, etc.

I'm not sure the best way to do this. What I do right now is use destination-specific cite keys. For example:

> Here's a quote. [#202001241413][][#facebook][]

[#202001241413]: John Doe. *Some Big Fancy Book*.  Vanity Press, 2006.
[#facebook]: http://facebook.com/url-where-i-shared-it

This feels a bit ad-hoc, in that technically, I'm conflating all Facebook posts across my whole note system. Also technically, I'm not semantically distinguishing between "source" and "destination" references.

Can you think of better ways to do this? Perhaps in some other location? Perhaps in some other format? Perhaps modifying this approach in some way?


  • Similar use case. Only I don't social media and I use/share more than quotes.
    I put a "★" in the note's footnote/notation area. This is a stylistic choice. With my workflow, I add a star every time I use a note in writing. It matters not if I quote it or just use the knowledge nuggets that are derived from it, I place a "★". It will eventually tell me which notes and note subjects I lean to in my writing. I started this as an attempt to track note usage. Notes used more to have more value.

    I see now, capturing where the note was used, might come in handy. That wasn't my original objective. I may have to rethink my workflow to capture where the notes were used. I treat each note as a document. Header (just title), body (main text), footer (file diatribe, like date time in easy to read format, note UID, tags, note links, bib cite key reference, this usage tracking star).

    I'm going to use footnotes in the note to add comments about how a note was used/shared.

    Here a sample of my planned workflow. Between the lines is where all the extraneous stuff goes. Footnotes go in the body of the note. Using the line as a dividing point making it easier to use regex for extracting the body without the extraneous later.

    Most of the footer is created via the template I use to create notes. Sometimes there are no tags or links, I just leave the area blank and who knows. In the future, I may find a note to link to.

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  • If you want to track performance I'd create a social media section at the bottom of the Zettel and add a special tag. I'd go for something like "##qfb" for facebook, "##qig" for instagram etc.

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