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Insert a List of Backlinks Into All Your Notes



  • I created a Github Actions workflow to automatically trigger Andy Matuschak’s note-link-janitor on every push to the repository (which contains all the md files for version control).

    Using this means, your repo is maintained without the necessity of local cron-jobs or installation of yarn.

    All you need to do is copy this workflow to the /.github/workflows/ folder.

  • Whenever I create backlinks, there is also a "## .." heading at the bottom. How do I prevent this?

  • @tantrig said:
    Sorry for the triple post: I create a modified version of the script by Piotr that doesn't include "context" around the links and have links formated as [[note_title]](note_title.md) (works with Typora).

    Available here: https://github.com/raphaelhuleux/note-link-janitor-Typora/blob/master/README.md.

    Hey Can You Share your script for Typora ? I am using Typora and would really like to have back links.

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