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Insert a List of Backlinks Into All Your Notes

Insert a List of Backlinks Into All Your Notes

Use this script to add a list of backlinks to all of your notes, and update it in place to always have up-to-date results.

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    This is interesting. I'll look forward to a "less precise search since the script is open source" as now I format my links [[201910011532]] Computational thinking.

    Don't forget to down load 'yarn' as part of the install.
    brew install yarn

    Will Simpson

  • Also, if you download the source and build it locally, the result is in dist/index.js, so you can execute it via

    node ./dist/index.js  path/to/testarchive

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  • Cool. I too will looking forward to a less precise search as I use Computational thinking [[201910012532]]

  • Backlinks.

    Conceptually I see @sfast's point about when using The Archive's search (Omni Bar) the Note List provides the 'backlinks' to the search which makes this project redundant. It also updates in realtime. As new links are created their backlinks are available to be shown in the note list.

    I guess I need more training on this. By training I mean I want to practice and become familiar with the nuances, to create some mental muscle memory.

    Adding backlinks to notes seems like a productive thing, maybe I'm fooling myself and I'm doing busywork to embellish a note and to get some endorphin tickle. A visible backlink in the note feels saver and comforting for some reason.

    Will Simpson

  • I think the primary difference is that this script tries to mimic Roam's "Contextual Backlinks" - So instead of just having a list of files that reference your current note (which would be using The Archives note list), you get the line of text where the link is held.


    ## Backlinks
    * [[Something that links here]]
        * The block of text in the referencing note which contains the link to [[Sample note]].
        * Another block in that same note which links to [[Sample note]].
    * [[A different note that links here]]
        * This is a paragraph from another note which links to [[Sample note]].

    So for some use cases, having that text and not just a link to the page would be much more useful.

  • @Eiff thanks for the clarification. As you point out, there is a difference between The Archive's note list and this script. CONTEXT!
    Just like we need more cowbell in our music, we need more context in our Zettlekasten!

    You've renewed my curiosity. Thanks.

    Will Simpson

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