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The Archive Updates Were Paused For a Short While and now continue

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Hey folks,

I currently cannot work on The Archive and ensure the same high quality of the software because of a bug in my development environment that broke the automated quality assurance department, so to speak.

In short, there's this automatic testing suite that runs the app on my behalf and tests the behavior, file changes, and other expected outcomes. It ensures feature additions and bug fixes don't break expected behavior. Now this suite ceased to work altogether with a recent update to Apple's development tooling. I am waiting for dev support to respond to my inquiry now. I don't know if this is fixable or will remain broken for months to come. In the meantime, I could build replacement tools to perform the tests, but the time this would take to get right does now overlap with the time I wait for a reply by Apple. It'd be 100% wasted time if the bug is fixable.

So I leave the code in a known good state and work on my other apps for a short while until I know more and can make a better decision.

Just so you know why there appears to be no progress.

-- Christian

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