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Can we kickstart an English translation of the book?

Take my money already! I’m dying to get my hands on it. Maybe I’ll just learn German!

Seriously though, really looking forward to it and would love to help incentivize progress if it would help make it worthwhile.



  • I share your frustration. I didn't even fully edited the second edition in German and have enough material for the third edition.

    The online course will be published first.

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  • Frustration isn’t the right word. Eager anticipation is more like it!

    I’m so intrigued by the promise of working like this but have been unable to get it going for whatever reason.

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    Ok, fine. Then I am left alone with my frustration. :smiley:

    But I never read any discussion by you about your problem. Perhaps, it is time to start one.. :wink:

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  • Ha! Ok. My problem, or problems, with getting a zettelkasten started is mostly a series of mental blocks having to do with setting up my system:

    1. Do I need a reference app like Zotero if I don't do academic writing?
    2. Im not sure what format/template I want to use for my metadata.
    3. I'm not sure if I like the idea of having long timestamps at the beginning of the note titles.
    4. What do I do with all of my old notes that aren't proper zettels?
    5. Do I need to set up a bunch of automation to make it easy enough to maintain?
    6. Do I need to figure out some kind of UU system and or buffer note system before I get started?
    7. Can these be simple jotted down ideas or do they all need to be carefully written and formatted notes?
    8. I spend at least 50% of my time on iOS, and I'm not sure how to approach this in such a way that I can properly work with it if I'm not using my MacBook.
    9. What do people do with images they want to save?
  • Does this looks like an on topic post for you? :wink:

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  • @Sascha said:
    Does this looks like an on topic post for you? :wink:

    Topic or object! B)

  • Make a seperate thread please. :wink:

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