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I am so appreciative of all the work Sasha and Christian have put into this system, and in particular the video course which I have viewed multiple times all the way through.

I've purchased The Archive app but am still curious if adding a way to donate would be smart. Even something as simple as a paypal link would work.

Just an idea.


  • Thanks so much! We appreciate it.

    We discussed the ethics about donating. We came to the preliminary conclusion that asking for donations would not be right. We sell products. Therefore, you did your part if you bought the app.

    It would be kind of strange if AT&T would ask for donations, wouldn't it? So, we decided against it. But perhaps we are overly sensitive with our upholding of business ethics?

    I am a Zettler

  • You offer much more than the app, with the blog and the videos, etc.
    But your conclusion makes perfect sense. Good to uphold your business ethics. I'll just be ready to buy whatever comes next.

    Appreciate you both so much.

  • Of course: You can always spread the word. :smiley:

    I am a Zettler

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