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[ESSAY] The Process IS the Answer

Something I read by @daneb on a recent post made me want to reflect on what the meaning and the purpose of knowledge processing is to me. I'm curious what others might think...

The Process forces us to think critically, categorize ideas, relate them to similar ideas, come up with metaphors/analogies/stories to better convey those ideas. The Process improves Thinking.

The Process solidifies thoughts you deem worthy of remembering, and by working The Process, you strengthen the ability to recall those worthy things in your life. The Process strengthens Memory.

Most importantly, it's not the destination but the journey. Or put another way, the journey IS the destination. When I was young, my dad said we could open presents a day early if we solved his riddle. I chewed on the riddle trying to solve it. It was riveting to have a good riddle. Then my brother emerged from the computer room (having just been on the internet) and he blurted out the answer. You'd think I would have been happy to open presents; but instead I was disappointed because I was robbed of a juicy riddle. It's not the answer, it's the riddle itself that matters. Or put another way, the riddle IS the answer. It's a means unto itself, full of its own joy and fulfillment. The Process is Fulfilling.

Trust the Process. The Process is the Answer.


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