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Though I'm aware we can already achieve something like this via boolean searches, I'd really love the ability to toggle zettels with particular tags off for an entire work session. When I'm focusing on a particular project or idea, I sometimes get distracted zettels in wildly different contexts. It would be wonderful if the saved search buttons functioned more like switches than searches- does this make sense?

Does this resonate with anyone? Is there some way to do this that I'm missing? Thanks for any input.

Also, I'd just like to say that The Archive and Zettelkasten are some of the greatest mind-improving technologies I've ever encountered. Thanks for all of your work, it has really enriched my life.


  • I would find that useful as well! Tags can be excluded via Boolean Searches, as you say, but the content of the Search bar changes quite often automatically and you don't want to add something like "!#tag" over and over again to exclude the notes you don't want to see during a work session.

  • I would find sticky saved searches (or however this would be implemented) very useful too.

    My current workaround is to have a bunch of Keyboard Maestro macros that add tags or search fragments to the search bar, but being able to turn those filters on persistently would be a significant improvement.

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  • The earliest beta testers will probably recall how Saved Searches used to "lock" and implicitly add whatever they were set to to the final search query. Sascha and I discuss this topic from time to time, and how to make it more useful. Having Saved Searches ready turned out to be more important than locking search terms for now, though. We'll see. Good to have y'all remind us that the initial idea of having things "stick" is part of your workflows!

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