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Markdown viewer for The Archiver

Hy peeps,

I started few days ago to use The Archiver and it feels great so far.

The only missing thing coming from NVAlt was the markdown preview.
To my workflow is really important to have a quick preview of what I am writing.

I have worked on a very simple markdown viewer for MacOS and I wanted to have your opinion and if you think it would be useful to some of you.

The app is very barebones but already supports syntax highlighting, mermaid charts (https://mermaidjs.github.io/) and local images.

Here a gif showcasing it and how I use it paired with The Archiver


Looking forward to hear from you all. :)


  • Can you give us more insights into your workflow? In which way is the preview essential?

    I am a Zettler

  • Hi @sfast. I take notes with a lot of screenshots and being able to see them while typing helps me a lot.

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    On macOS, Marked 2 is an excellent paid app for previewing Markdown, from the same author as nvALT.

    Nicholas Cifuentes-Goodbody has a good overview of this use on YouTube. (He has a lot of good Zettelkasten videos.)

  • I also recommend Marked 2. As well as preview, it also has excellent export capabilities. I use it for exporting to PDF or HTML all the time, and it also has some additional tools for prose, like readability scoring, proofreading tools, and a surprising amount of other things.

  • I'm using Marked 2, too, in combination with MultiMarkdown Composer as an external editor, which in turn has a shortcut for "Preview with Marked". Would be nice to integrate such a function in The Archive directly, to shorten the workflow when working without an external editor …

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