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Just Joined, First Post

Hello, Guten Tag!

I found out about this site and The Archive tool via Andre Chaperon. I've been looking for a way to organize all of the notes I take (on several topics), primarily so I can make more progress on several projects. Then I saw the 50% off sale for the one-year anniversary and decided I couldn't go wrong.

Now I get to learn the system. It's unlike anything I've used before and I have a rather large learning curve ahead of me.

On a personal note, while I'm from the States, I have had the pleasure of living in Germany (off and on) for a bit over 20 years of my life, either as a member of the US military or supporting them. I have lots of good memories of my time there and actually wouldn't mind going back again for a few years if the right opportunity presented itself. And I'm very grateful that your English is better than my German, Christian and Sascha! (I have tremendous respect for your willingness to write and record videos on such a complex topic in English.)

Best regards,


  • Welcome to our community and a big hug.

    The Zettelkasten Method is just complicated on the outside. If you understood it once it is simple as riding a bike. :smile:

    I am a Zettler

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