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Example Zettels?

Hello! I was talking to someone about Personal Information Management recently, and they recommended I take a look at the Zettelkasten system to solve some of my problems. I did the homework, a bit. I read through How to Take Smart Notes by Sönke Ahrens -- since it was in English -- and then, of course, found my way to this site, and have read a lot of what's in the blog.

I've been trying out the Zettelkasten approach for a couple months now, but I still don't think I fully get it. What I need is some examples of how this looks in practice -- not just a video tutorial, but, like, a handful of example zettels. Is anyone willing to share some individual entries from their Zettelkasten?

I know the system is supposed to be extremely individualized to each person, and how the zettels look depends a lot on what the user is trying to capture and store -- but, at the same time, I'm starting from zero here, and don't know how any of this might work, so it's hard to figure out how I want it to work.


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