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Hi there, I just found https://www.mindforger.com haven't had time yet to completely check it out but it seems like something some of you will like. It has tags, live-markdown preview and best of all it's open source and available for Linux, macOS and Windows. There's more functions to.


  • Great find! Thanks for sharing! We still feature open-source stuff here, so if anyone would write a review proper, and especially test its performance with huge archives, I'd happily add the app to the "Tools" page.

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    Please don't review MindForger as Zettelkasten tool yet. I like the methodology, therefore I plan to add native Zettelkasten support to MindForger.

    Christian, if you don't mind, I would be very interested in benchmark specification. What exactly do you mean by huge archive? I guess that you use per-Zettel file... can you please quantify number of files, their approximate size and sample content (one is just fine) so that I can generate benchmark data? In case you have a standard benchmark dataset, it would be even better!

    I would be also interested in a baseline. MindForger is primarily Mardown editor/IDE, therefore I benchmarked several tools and editors, but didn't find faster competitor. Obviously it really depends on the structure, granularity and HW.

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  • For what it's worth @dvorka , I pointed MindForger at my ZK of 1235 markdown files, and basic operations (by which I mean, me trying to figure out the software) were perfectly quick.

  • @dvorka, Christian will give you a different number I guess. I think software should be able to handle at least 120000 files.

  • @dvorka To get started, we have a collection of 10k Markdown files :)

    For The Archive, I created 40-50k notes from books in the public domain to measure search performance. How fast does the app react when you type half a sentence? Does it stutter/block user input while searching? How fast do results appear for (1) all notes, (2) when you search for a single letter "a", (3) when you search for "and", etc.

    Of course it doesn't make sense to share individual benchmark results across computers, only complete sets of comparisons, so you'd have to compare performance between apps on your own.

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  • No reviews until @dvorka says it's ready, but I just want to say this is wild and you have an interesting mind. Please do let this community know when you've given it your zettlekasten-ready blessing. I'll just say it's super snappy and seems as fast as any app out there.

  • Brilliant! Kudos, @dvorka !

    If I were using Windows still, or on Linux, I'd probably have already downloaded this! I'm still tempted. 😀

    Question: Does MindForger work only with Markdown, or can it work with Multimarkdown as well?

    Again, great job. Liked and subscribed. 🎉

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