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Call To Arms: ChatGPT challenged me -- I WILL CRUSH IT TO PIECES

Dear Zettlers,

you might have heard it: ChatGPT challenged me and my honour. Let's see if I can keep it, or bow down in shame.

Here is a 100% authenticated record of a conversation I had yesterday (what a coincidence):

LUHMANN: What is best in life?
ME: To crush AI, see it driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their creators.

See this thread for full context: https://forum.zettelkasten.de/discussion/2837/gpt4-zettel-critique-assistant-robo-zettel-feedback

The idea is to compare the feedback of ChatGPT and me. So, we need notes. 2--3 are enough. The content needs to be accessible to me. So, I cannot deal with mathematical content software code. Also: Really intricate details in specific domains might be out of reach. However, I have broad knowledge in the basics of most domains. So, just give it a try.

Please, submit notes for this battle.

Live long and prosper

I am a Zettler


  • I always trust in the capabilities of mankind, but as artificial intelligence is a consequence of human intelligence: I don't know which I prefer to win :^)

    Here is my note. I hope that the context of the note is accessible for this experiment.

    # 202401221114 Don't make the mistake of defining your own convention
    #convention #beginner's-error #scenio
    Don't make the mistake of defining your own convention, if you want to be
    useful, use your work to expand the community that uses that convention.
    There are situations where it may be justifiable to work to:
    * make a convention more efficient [[202401191051]]
    * create a new convention.
    However, this is not the norm: it is an exception that occurs very rarely. The
    general rule is: 
      "Where you can add most value with your work is by creating and improving
      tools that use a convention. Making the convention itself more efficient is
      useless work most of the time".
    In other words, use your work to increase the value of the community that uses
    the covention [[202401191110]].
    So don't make the mistake of defining your own convention to solve a problem in
    your work, it is best to follow the community's convention. This idea also
    applies to the fact that it is best to give value to a scenio [[202401221112]].
    Example of conventions:
    * Use of spaces or tabs to indent code [[202401191049]]]
    * The USB protocol
    * The chemical composition of automotive gasoline
    * The voltage of the electrical grid
    * Anything that can be done in many different ways, but one community defined
      a standard for how to do it.
    Conversation with Borja about following conventions..............[[202401191017]]

    “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” —Isaac Newton

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    Hi Sascha, this is a bit techical oriented note, but it's a good test to check if someone who is maybe not familiar with this topic can get a graps of what it's about.

    title: 202403272114-binary-vector-search
    aliases: Binary Vector Search
    tags: work-related vector-search vector-database
    date: 27-03-2024 21:14
    source: https://blog.pgvecto.rs/my-binary-vector-search-is-better-than-your-fp32-vectors

    Binary Vector Search



    Binary Vector Search is a method for optimizing memory consumption in large Vector database

    • Given that we have a problem of high memory consumption & slow performance in a large Vector Database
    • When we use Binary Vector Search we will
    • [Therefore] reduce working memory usage and increase performance

    Binary Vector Search reduces working memory usage by 32 times

    • Given that binary vector search uses integers instead of float32 to store it's data
    • [And] that binary representation can be compressed to a single integer number
    • When we use Binary Vector Search we will
    • [Therefore] reduce memory by 32 times
    • [And] increase vector search performance

    Binary Vector Search reduces accuracy of search

    • Given that binary vector search uses integers instead of float32
    • When we use Binary Vector Search we will
    • [Therefore] reduce accuracy of vector search
    • [And] increase performance

    Binary Vector Search accuracy can be enhanced by using Adaptive Binary Vector Search

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