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Share with us what is happening in your ZK this week. September 11, 2023

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Things I'm reading:

  • Peter Attia, Outlive
  • Gottlob Frege, Der Gedanke: eine logische Untersuchung (The thought: A logical inquiry)


  • The first ZK101 iteration. Pushing myself pretty hard on that.

Music I'm listening to:

Things I'm writing about:

  • The Zettelkasten Method for Content Marketing
  • How to stop being an idiot about buying decisions. (How to think about value)
  • Why I never jump six steps (Suboptimisation of Areas of Responsibility Aging
  • Field Report: How I prepared Primal Branding for processing
  • Thresholds for concentration

Ideas I'm studying:

Mostly identical with my writing. But I ruminate on some topics, before I tackle them systematically:

  • How to Deal with People who you love, but they themselves don't give a shit for themselves.
  • How to adapt to fundamental changes in the way of living.
  • Branding of my health and fitness platform.

I am a Zettler


  • Swimming with Ideas
    Another installment of the What Are You Working On? thread.
    Add to this thread by telling us what is happening in and around your ZK journey. Join the community and enlighten us about your knowledge path trajectory. I do this for selfish reasons. It helps me clarify my goals and visualize my thinking. And sometimes, a conversation sparks an idea worth exploring.

    Things I'm reading:

    • Blum, Andrew. The weather machine: a journey inside the forecast. 2019.
    • Solomon, Sheldon and Greenberg, Jeff and Pyszczynski, Thomas A.. The worm at the core: on the role of death in life. 2015.


    • GEOL454

    Things I'm writing about:

    • Pollution and the weather
    • Meta Reading
    • Building Communication Skills

    Music I'm listening to:

    Ideas I'm thinking about:

    • What the commodification of food is doing to our communities. The effects of this are felt greater in economic and educationally disadvantaged communities. I live in a privileged community.
    • Using a memory palace to help recall meditation insights.
    • Lebenswelt
    • The theme of my Zk, how am I setting it up to help further my goals.

    The "My rolling ten-day zettel production" is produced by a script for attachment to my daily journaling template. I do my journaling in Bear to keep personal journaling separate from my knowledge work.

    My rolling ten-day zettel production

    My ten day zettel production

    Will Simpson
    I must keep doing my best even though I'm a failure. My peak cognition is behind me. One day soon I will read my last book, write my last note, eat my last meal, and kiss my sweetie for the last time.

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