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Howdy from the Sonoran Desert

Wassup, my name is Cesar Ruiz from Arizona in the United States.

I have a few interests that I hope will lend themselves nicely to a Zettelkasten method:

  1. Theory:
    I have been interested in philosophy/cultural studies/psychoanalysis for the past several years. I participate in different online milieus who discuss these topics, and we sometimes perform talks and exegetical readings of perennial texts (Hegel, Heidegger, Zizek, etc.) I notice that many of the users of Zettelkasten have an interest in philosophy (or the other way around?) and this makes sense given the numerous nuances found in philosophical concepts. In fact, I found out about Niklas Luhmann through a theory podcast series on cybernetics and posthuman social theory. Zettelkasten appears to be a great way to initially wrestle with complex theory ideas and continue to recontextualize them in new iterations throughout many years.

  2. Music History:
    I am also a big music nerd, particularly of the noisy alternative rock variety. I want to make connections amongst different eras and scenes in pop music history to create some kind of media discourse with other nerds (essays, books, videos, podcasts...I have not settled on a format yet). This is more my "have fun" passion project.

  3. Research on Local Food Procurement:
    I work with schools by ordering their food for breakfast and lunch. I received a federal grant this year to conduct research on creating a long-term plan for purchasing local food. I will need to gather lots of primary and secondary resources (not solely texts but also audio, pictures, videos, and other media). I am planning to have a Zettelkasten specifically for this project, but it may be useful to integrate it with other projects in the future.

Thanks for reading


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