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What ideas you're grappling with? August 7, 2023

Swimming with Ideas

Another installment of the What Are You Working On? thread.
Add to this thread by telling us what is happening in and around your ZK journey. Join the community and enlighten us about your knowledge path trajectory. I do this for selfish reasons. It helps me clarify my goals and visualize my thinking. And sometimes, a conversation sparks an idea worth exploring.

Things I'm reading:

  • Wolf, Maryanne. Proust and the squid: the story and science of the reading brain. 2010.
  • Benedict, Marie, and Murray, Victoria Christopher. The Personal Librarian. 2021.

Programming work/fun:

  • zkdictionary.py - I'm striving for a fast, efficient way to store key characteristics of my ZK in a dictionary that can be easily and efficiently queried.
  • I've started to look at creating a modified-over-created note trend to track my rework ratio over new work in my ZK.

Music I'm listening to:

  • GLY
  • Jon Kennedy
  • Alex Cortiz
  • Parra for Cuva
  • Emapea
  • and stuff of that vibe

Things I'm writing about:

  • Richard Feynman and developing the cognitive skill of curiosity.
  • Ivan Illiah and the second-order consequences of modernity.

Ideas I'm studying:

  • Attentions role in experience.

The "My rolling ten-day zettel production" is produced by a script for attachment to my daily journaling template. I do my journaling in Bear to keep personal journaling separate from my knowledge work.

My rolling ten-day zettel production

Will Simpson
My zettelkasten is for my ideas, not the ideas of others. I will try to remember this. I must keep doing my best even though I'm a failure. My peak cognition is behind me. One day soon, I will read my last book, write my last note, eat my last meal, and kiss my sweetie for the last time.


  • @Will said:

    Programming work/fun:

    • zkdictionary.py - I'm striving for a fast, efficient way to store key characteristics of my ZK in a dictionary that can be easily and efficiently queried.
    • I've started to look at creating a modified-over-created note trend to track my rework ratio over new work in my ZK.

    Interesting idea. Are you trying to capture the ideas themselves, or "entry points" to the ideas? If the latter, one might use rather specific tags (as we've discussed in a past post), and have the Python program bring up the related zettels.

    Most interested to hear how this evolves.

  • edited August 2023

    Things I'm reading:

    • Wendy Wood. Good Habits, Bad Habits


    • I drink Malt beer on Sunday.
    • The weekend after the next, I will rip the roots of a cut tree in the garden of my parents in law. This will be fun.
    • No big fun for me for some time. :D

    Music I'm listening to:

    • Jocko Wave. My antidote to lack of motivation caused by sleep deprivation. As my father always preached to me: You can sleep when you are dead.
    • Zelda Music. Far, far in the future, I will play video games for hours at a time.

    Things I'm writing about:

    • The will to pain. It is the central concept to understand why hedonism is an autophagic (self-eating) belief system. It is also part of my theory called tretraktys of emotion.
    • A pamphlet against hedonism as part of my book on habits and as an interim project until I am finished with Wood's book on habits.
    • An article on how to use the Zettelkasten Method for Marketing

    Plans for the short-term future:

    • Gain basic graphic skills using 1-2 apps. (most likely yed and OmniGraffle)
    • Finally, installing python and indulge on Will's scripts (I like numbers. I even took pleasure in measuring my food)

    I am a Zettler

  • Thanks for keeping this weekly community event up, @Will!

    Zettel production

    Last month on my current freelance project. Wedding is over, bills are paid, so the earnings from now on should help fund spending a couple of uninterrupted months on The Archive, finally, to ship the next complex feature and think things through properly.

    Still I'm already a bit sad to leave in advance -- because the colleagues are great and working with other developers on problems is very educating. My Zettel production skyrocketed in the past months:

    Month Total Delta
    2023-01-01 8372 + 23
    2023-02-01 8406 +24
    2023-03-01 8413 +7
    2023-04-01 8473 +60
    2023-05-01 8533 +40
    2023-06-01 8584 +49
    2023-07-01 8631 +50
    2023-08-01 8681 +50

    And many changes to old notes to add details. All this was due to lots of new tech I learned, and new angles to old ideas I discovered.

    Had a writing spree last week to sketch a short story/adventure/fable which was fun. The whole thing lives inside a note in my Zettelkasten (for better or worse), so I can throw more details at it easily. I hope.

    New notes from last week
    • 202308071343 Characters should not prove a point
    • 202308061823 Negotiate only on scope, not rate
    • 202308061815 SwiftUI keyboard ToolbarItemGroup does not always appear
    • 202308061046 Eventual Business Consistency with dual date stamping on events
    • 202308051203 Upper management nutzlos weil Fehlbesetzung ohne Folgen
    • 202308051143 § Ritter Tugendhat
    • 202308051108 List Emacs compilation features from the app
    • 202308051030 Software architects need to be programmers to be effective
    • 202308041120 Clear the NSPasteboard before setting it
    • 202308032153 The map is not the territory
    • 202308031437 SwiftUI.View is a view model
    • 202308031409 Weeks of coding can save you hours of planning
    • 202308030858 Ritter Tugendhat und der Ring der Wahrheit
    • 202308020858 Tolerant Reader pattern
    • 202308020857 Avoid failable XML schema validation inside an app to facitilate change
    • 202308020838 Inert modifiers in SwiftUI are neutral elements
    • 202308020759 SwiftUI uses structural or explicit identity
    • 202308011952 Chinese whisper effect - misunderstanding through relays
    • 202308011948 Locality of information prevents chinese whisper effect
    • 202308011929 East-oriented code
    • 202308011922 Locality of change in software
    • 202308011920 Dependency Inversion Principle
    • 202308011611 Example - decoupling view config payload from effects
    • 202308011213 Inbox zero prevents going numb
    • 202308011150 § The Programmer of Light
    • 202308011144 Tackle small problems ASAP to prevent them from growing
    • 202308011058 SwiftUI MVC approach manages service object lifecylce outside of view updates


    • Harold Abelson, Gerald Jay Sussman: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programming
    • Alexander Stepanov, Paul McJones: Elements of Programming
    • Lion Feuchtwanger: Erfolg

    Author at Zettelkasten.de • https://christiantietze.de/

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