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Evernote as a business seems to have problems


I suspect that only a little portion of this community uses Evernote.

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  • VC funding may not be right for every app. You don’t need $290M in funding to build a note taking app and you definitely can’t live up to the billions in valuation it implies.

    Good grief. It is a note taking app.

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    This is the so-called market discipline, which, as every capitalist knows, is good for your competitors and bad for you. Hence the talk of economic moats to hold off the competition or increase barriers to entry when outright monopoly isn't available.

    Subtext: ee hee hee, another ZK competitor bites the dust. :trollface:

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  • For those who are Obsidian users, earlier today they released a plugin for converting/importing one's Evernote notes as markdown files: https://obsidian.md/plugins?id=obsidian-importer

    See also: https://obsidian.md/blog/free-your-notes/

    Those who don't use Obsidian might consider using it temporarily to convert their files to markdown (.md) format for use in other programs.

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