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The Archive is awesome

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I need to make a big compliment @ctietze!

I am always testing other pieces of software to improve my coaching, since not everybody uses The Archive. But whenever I start to use other apps, I am put off by their stutters and bugs. I think I report once every six months that something is off.

I started to use Apple Notes for collaboration (family stuff, with Christian, for a Podcast etc.). If I imagine that there are teams behind Apple Notes while Christian is 100% on its own, just with nagging me as a support, I am baffled.

In some way, I have the blessing to experience The Archive as a user with the most intimate user support possible. I have very high requirements for the software that I use to access my Zettelkasten because my work is very intense (after 6 hours of work I am often soaked in sweet). The software needs to get out of my way. The Archive is almost invisible to me now, almost like air. And similar to air, The Archive provides a vital foundation for me functioning.

So: Very good, @ctietze !

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  • :blush: Thank you thank you. Since I get everyone's bug reports and crash logs, it doesn't feel as stable to me, so it's good to be reminded that users are indeed happy :)

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    Hey @ctietze, I just wanted to take a moment and pile on to @Sascha's comments and congratulate you on the amazing work you're doing with The Archive. It's truly impressive to see your dedication and passion, Keep up the great work!

    Your effort, @ctietze, has made The Archive exemplary. Its speed is beyond hypersonic and stands out like ambrosia among all the Kool-Aid note-taking apps. Its greatness is exponential. As @Sascha expressed, The Archive is like the air that supports my thinking. Vital but doing its work unobtrusively.

    @ctietze, it's essential to remember that users can still be satisfied even when they submit bug reports, crash logs, and make feature requests.

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  • I am a very new The Archive user, but I am impressed by the quality and the uncompromising simplicity of this software. It allows me to focus, connect, and write. Congratulations to you @ctietze.

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  • For what it's worth, I also want to join the "The Archive is awesome" chorus. It's the only writing app I've used consistently for years, to the point that I don't think too much about it except to recommend it to anyone that cares to listen about organizing notes. How reliable The Archive is also has to do with the community here and the support. It's like chess. You learn quickly how to play the game and then you practice for years. I think The Archive allows this practice and the myriad styles of the note-taking/zettlekasten game flawlessly.

  • Will there be a Windows version? :smile:

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