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Beginner workshop

I am currently (as in right now) designing a short (first iteration 5 hours of structured lecturing in total 2 open consulting hours) workshop that is directly geared towards beginners or people who make sure that they nailed the basics.

There are 8 open slots per workshops. A workshop means that you don't have to compete for time or attention as if you are in an underfunded public school. So, I decided 8 is a reasonable size. So, it is rather limited.

It is a no-fluff-concept. I won't tell you about the history of the method or my backstory. There are no complicated workflow terms you'll need to learn or note typology (which is only clouding the applicable knowledge). It is 5 hours of intense learning to get you started (most likely divided in 3 sessions with 2 additional open consulting hours).

Cost: 250-300$ for the whole workshop.

There will be an official announcement. If you are interested, subscribe to the newsletter, send me a daily carrier pigeon and ask how it is going, check the page hourly or use your preferred method of keeping updated.

I am happy to answer any questions.

I am a Zettler


  • Apparently, if you wrote a whole book about a method that you are using for more than a decade, outlining it pretty straight forward.

    Finished outlining. Moving on to slides.

    I am a Zettler

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