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BETA: Combining Building a Second Brain and the Zettelkasten Method

Hi Zettlers,

the next article will cover how to combine BASB and the Zettelkasten Method. It is a longer article that took quite some work, So I'd like to publish it as beta first.

If you like to take a first look, give me some feedback, and find a typo or two, please request the link and I'll send you the link to a google-doc.

Live long and prosper

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  • @Sascha, I'll read the beta version of your article, provide feedback and look for typos.

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  • I'm game @Sascha.

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  • Why, on page 24 of my US Kindle edition of the BASB book, does Tiago say that an argument is not a discrete knowledge building block (hence, not a candidate for being a note) but "a bullet-point list of your meandering thoughts on a topic" is?

    An argument is a highly-structured coherent list. What disqualifies it?

    I ask this because it's hard for me to say much about BASB as a notemaking method when I can't comprehend its notion of a note.

    (I would make each proposition in an argument a distinct note, and I would make each thought in a meandering list a distinct note as well.)

  • @Sascha Count me in!

  • I'd love to contribute if you still need some other POV.

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  • I am skimming the comments (my wife sleeps with my daughter, so she can't make me not work on Sundays. :) )

    Many thanks already! Your comments are pure gold.

    I am a Zettler

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