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Thinking of Using Notion, but it doesn't have a map?

Hi, newbie here. I'm not overly confident or comfortable with notion, have seen hypernotes that seems easier for me, however I've been using Notion for a while. I like notion as I can directly link out to a google doc. I've sort of constructed the page to use notion and files embedded as if it were scrivener. I digress. I am writing a phd. I do a lot of literature reviews etc.
My question here is there really much value in having a tool that presents a map of notes as per obsidian. If I build my zettelkasten in notion which is basically a relational database is this not sufficient. I do really want to concentrate on writing. As notion supports my writing very well the idea of having the zettel database in the same tool is appealing to me.
Any thoughts please?
thank you Zoe


  • I place no value in the graphical view. With almost 13k notes, it is still no problem and will never be.

    I am a Zettler

  • @ZH215 I agree with @Sascha - I've never found any use for the graphical representation of my ZK (other than it looks pretty). Others do find it useful; it really depends on you, the nature of your ZK, and what you are trying to accomplish.

    My approach is judicious use of structure notes (not too many, in other words) and regular use of tags. The trick with tags is to make them fairly specific. If I find I'm tagging too many zettels with the same word, e.g., "life_experiences", then I break that tag into two or three more specific ones, e.g., "early_life_experiences", "university", etc., and then re-distribute to the affected zettels accordingly.

    With those two approaches and regular review of my ZK to establish links between zettels, I can find anything I am looking for and even be surprised on what I find :smile:

    By the way, if you follow my suggestion for tags, your list of tags becomes a de facto index.

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