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Hello from Saudi arabia

Hey everyone, I'm abdulmajeed from Saudi Arabia my job is programmer so i always need to read and learn new technologies to become better programmer, I read about zettelkasten method and I'm trying now ti start with it and i hope to help me with my learning


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    My ZK is primarily for programming and mathematics, with some notes on medical issues, radio electronics (ham radio), foreign languages, drawing, etc. Lately more for programming--my SageMath project is on hold for a while. I find it easy to create related threads about programming and technical subjects, about a screenful at a time isn't bad. Either you are continuing a sequence of notes or commenting on some aspect of some note. ZKs are suited to this, and it seems to work well with programming.

    I did have a list of categories that I started with, but now I use an alphabetic index and link to notes in it. @Sascha and others convinced me. When I get a chance I'll update my github wiki pages to reflect this development.


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  • Welcome aboard, @Abdulmajeed! I'm using my ZK for programming a lot, too. Good choice :)

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  • Thanks for replaying to me , unfortunately i didn't make any progress and I got busy in life but now I'm willing to learn ZK method and use it in my programming learning

  • hi abdulmajeed i'm from saudi arabia and i'm going to be programmer and i want to learn how to take notes also i'm a student at university can i learn more from you ? i 'm searching how to take note and i found zk method and i'm still learning can i contact with you or if you have any advice please help me

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