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Zettel About The Diference Between Internet and Web Terms

Hey guys! It's been a while and I've looking up for some resources and trying to get better at my note-taking in my ZK. I've come up with this note about the difference about the Web and Internet terms and would like some advices on how could I improve it? Maybe I can create specific notes about the definition of Internet and Web and link them? Create a note about the relationship between those two terms? Help me make it better! :D

**Date:** 01/24/2023 (11:21)
**Tags:** #web #internet


# Web and Internet Are Different Terms

It is common to observe people using the terms _Web_ and _Internet_ in such a way that it appears that both define the same concept: a giant invisible network that interconnects people and realities. However, it is important to understand that both terms have different meanings, although they are connected.

The Internet is the medium through which all information travels between servers and users. This information, being very general, needed to be contained in standards so that all connected devices could understand and communicate with each other. Therefore, the Internet is made up of applications that exercise this function of regulating communication through protocols.

The Web is an Internet application. It allows users to interact with servers through websites: interactive pages that allow navigation between files and pages present on the server.

## References
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Ciriaco, D. **Qual a diferença entre Internet e World Wide Web?** Canaltech. Accessed on: 2023, January 24. Available at: https://canaltech.com.br/entretenimento/qual-a-diferenca-entre-internet-e-world-wide-web/


  • Your paragraphs are neatly separated, so you could indeed split this (aka "refactor") into multiple notes. The one you have shared would be "what's the difference between X and Y" (a sort of 'structure': comparison/difference), and then you can extract "what is X" (internet) and "what is Y" (web) from that.

    In programming, there's rules of thumbs to prevent premature refactoring, or introducing obvious-looking abstractions that later turn out to make things worse. It's a tough case-by-case decision, there's no science, so rules of thumb are all we have. One such rule is:

    Three strikes and you refactor

    and later saying:

    choosing an appropriate design to avoid duplication might benefit from more examples to see patterns in.

    That's the thing: you need usage of pieces of code to figure this out. And these are easily traceable in a program. In a Zettelkasten, the traces would be links. So similar kinds of pressure to refactor would arise e.g. when you find a handful of links to this note, Web and Internet Are Different Terms, and most of them just refer to either the term definitions for "web" or "internet" but not the difference itself. Then you would actually benefit from extracting the parts and re-route existing links to the newly extracted notes.

    I bring this up because your note is still quite short, neatly organized into 3 paragraphs, and does what it says. Extracting 2 notes for the terms mechanically prematurely could make it harder to access this difference, because then you may have to read 3 notes to load the whole difference into your mental RAM, so to speak, instead of 1.

    The main problem about "prematurely" doing something like this is you often don't quite know that it's premature. :)

    The good news is that program code and Zettelkasten notes are malleable, and it's possible to re-combine multiple notes into 1 later if you find that the separation made things worse and actually increased cognitive load.

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  • @Iacillo

    For what it's worth, the zettel seems about the right length to me; I wouldn't refactor it just for the sake of "atomicity". There is such a thing as being too granular :smile:

    @ctietze has described the balance nicely.

  • I see, thank you for your feedbacks @ctietze and @GeoEng51!

  • I'd write a one-sentence-summary and see if you can re-write the note in the light of this one sentence.

    The note is about the difference of two concepts. Yet, you just write two definitions without stating the difference explicitely. So, I'd re-structure the note like this (each item of the following list is a paragraph):

    1. One-Sentence-Summary
    2. The first definition
    3. The second definition
    4. The a description of the actual differences (in that case this particular terms the difference seems to be driven by different extension

    I'd change the title to a statement on what the actual difference is. Then you'd be able to assess the content of the note by just looking at the title without actually needing to look into the note other than for details.

    If you want to re-use this note for any kind of publishing or academic writing (e.g. an essey) you need to place proper footnotes to make it certain what part is sourced on which reference.

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