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Music that gives power and music that takes power

This is not exactly about Zettelkasten and knowledge work. But since music is part of the work environment, this might be interesting to you. This is a note that I took yesterday (translated by DeepL):

Good music is made to give us strength. Old war music, a lot of video game music, some movie music.

Other music is made for us to give it power. Pop music is made to be about itself. It's all about itself. It wants us to focus our attention on it.

Listen to good music!

Music is part of the cultural environment of us humans. It is the most primal form of cultural transmission of meaning. It is (without singing) meaning in its purest form: Harmony through form in form in form.

I have no study to provide evidence for my thesis. However, my n=1 is very positive. I, personally, like to listen to traditional war music. Now, that I started my cold adaptation (cold shower + shiver walks aftwards (walking in cold with few clothes on)) I feel like nordic war music is appropriate.

But gaming music is my personal favorite. For people, that don't like to listen to music at all: Ambience sounds like campfire sounds, thunder and rain etc. are also power giving.

I like this more than binaural sounds. And my old Celtic/Germanic/Rus genes seem to like it, too.

(This is part of the nootropic day (tm))

I am a Zettler


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