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202212080931 Ü2 Software Things

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The keywords should be instructive for the type of task. I have started to distinguish whether an audio-visual input is an interview or a lecture. It is completely irrelevant to me at the action level. I sit down at my computer in both cases and take notes as I watch and listen.

For me personally, it doesn't even make a difference whether I'm listening to a podcast or watching a video. I do both on my computer, because I only listen to both at home with access to my computer. I don't listen to anything on the side while on the road.

Rather, I differentiate by length when assigning keywords: short (<20min) or long (>20min) audio-visual inputs, because I build both differently into my workday.

This is how my current note about Things looks like. Do you have any template or regular practices when you make notes about software?

I am a Zettler

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