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[Zettel Feedback]: Building a Better Memory with Progressive Learning Techniques

202212020858 Building a robust memory through progressive learning techniques.

learning #memory

It is not clear how to operationalize memory [[202211150901]] and thus how exactly to best use how memory works.

Clearly, there are good and bad methods of learning. For an exam, merely repeating the material is inferior to active questioning. Repetition trains recall, while active questioning trains the very behavior of being able to give answers to questions that is required in exams.

Perhaps this results in a hierarchy of learning methods?

Thesis: You should start with simple memory techniques and then work your way up to more complex ones.

  • Repetition
  • Active retrieval
  • Comprehension

Comment: This was part of the last note.

Thanks to the feedback, I have separated the two knowledge modules:

  1. the problem of operationalization
  2. the method inspired by the problem (still undeveloped).

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