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Files with foreign content – hiccups in The Archive?

I have been using The Archive for almost half a year and it's great, in general. But there is one issue that worries me: I noticed – more than once – that some files lose their content and do have the content of other files. It happens on saving, I surmise, but I cannot confirm that yet, because so far I have always recognized it later only. Then I wonder why the filename and the title do not match anymore. Luckily, I use git and commit my whole zettelkasten daily, so it's easy to revert. Still, it's disquieting somehow and should be fixed, I guess.

Has anyone here already noticed the same problem?


  • @ralfzosel said:

    Has anyone here already noticed the same problem?

    This is the first time I have heard of this problem (I've been reading the forum regularly for a couple of years). And I've never run into it myself. I run The Archive on a MacBook Pro and store my ZK files in Dropbox.

    I suggest you attempt to describe in more detail the situation where this occurs, to help @ctietze try to understand it. If it's something you can replicate, even better.

    Like you, my ZK files are backed up in several ways, so that I can always restore a previous version - a good idea for any / all of our data. The other day I tried updating Windows that was running in a virtual machine on my Mac, and the update just trashed the entire Windows virtual file (why am I not surprised?). Thank goodness for regular Time Machine backups.

  • @GeoEng51 said:
    I suggest you attempt to describe in more detail the situation where this occurs (…)

    I will definitely do this as soon as the issue occurs next time.

    In theory, it's also possible that's not a problem with The Archive, but with something else (e.g. the MarkDown iPhone app or even iCloud itself). I will keep an eye on this.

  • That's a serious problem, sorry to hear you have to be on your toes now, @ralfzosel!

    It's asking a bit much of a user, but since you're so well-equipped, you could help a lot figuring out if The Archive is the culprit, and how to fix this:

    Could you check your git diffs every now and then to see if anything drastic stands out? (Likely full file replacements)

    If so, please use "Help ▶ Send Log Files"; I only need to see the log for the day that matches an overwrite event, and the file name of the file that was overwritten (and maybe the filename it should've went into, if possible).

    That'd help tremendously to narrow down what happened!

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  • OK, I added a function to the script that checks the "health" of my zettelkasten. Now it also tests if the UID of the filename occurs in the title. So I will recognise if the whole content of a file has been replaced.

    As soon as such a case happens again, I will send you the log file.

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