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[REQUEST] Copy link containing zettel ID only

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Hi all,

Like many Archive users, I prefix all my notes' names with Zettel IDs, and then link only using Zettel IDs so that I am free to rename notes if necessary. However, when I control-click on a note and "Copy Link", the entire note's name is copied into the link. For example, if I have a link named "201804281854 hello there", and I control-click on the note and select "Copy Link", then "[[201804281854 hello there]]" is copied to the clip board. I would much rather have "[[201804281854]]" copied to the clip board, since that is the form that all my archive links take.

I'd also love to have this action as a menu item so I can define a suitable shortcut with Keyboard Maestro.

Is there a way to do this that I am missing?


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