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Share your ZK plans for 5 June - 11 June

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  • I am now who I am because of what I focused my attention on in the past. I would be a different person if I focused my attention on different things in the past.

Please share in this thread what ideas excite you. Use this thread to start a conversation, socialize your understanding, and as a public accountability tool.


Week 23 of 2022 Already!

This week, I'll be


These are the titles of a few recent notes I'm excited about.
Show us yours! We are interested in seeing what you are up to!


  • Education and Housing Conundrum [20220602]
    - Housing costs reduce the premium education bestows in the labor market.

  • Experts keep their eyes on different thinks [20220530]

  • The Science of Setting & Achieving Goals [20220529]
    - 10 actionable science-tested strategies for working with goals.

  • Diversifying reading enriches life experiences [20220528]
    - A reader's approach to leading an intellectually fulfilling life.

  • Mastering types of idea connectivity [20220528]
    - Slowing down to create links focuses attention, thinking of connections both for now and that will help with connections in the future.

Will Simpson
“Read Poetry, Listen to Good Music, and Get Exercise”


  • This week, I plan to write a zettel to explain the design of my note taking system. This will help to document the current state, how this system evolves over time, as well as to help a future person understand how it is set up.

    I also plan to think about how I will retrieve a group of zettels from my electronic setup for a writing project. For example, printing them, tagging them, dumping their content into a document, etc.

  • Hi, @Erich,
    I don't know anything about your electronic setup. I use The Archive for my writing projects. Here is a video of how I group zettel and dump their content into a document for a short writing project. [Using your ZK to write](https://forum.zettelkasten.de/discussion/2164/using-your-zk-to-write. I do the same for book-length writing projects using pandoc export to epub.

    Will Simpson
    “Read Poetry, Listen to Good Music, and Get Exercise”

  • Hi @Will,

    Thanks for sharing an example of pairing The Archive and Marked 2 for a writing project. I am still fairly new to the Apple working environment and this is my first time hearing about Marked 2.

    The side-by-side workflow will be added to my list for consideration.

    I currently use iA Writer for knowledge development, where there is a preview capability that hides the markdown syntax.

    I tried playing with the YAML meta stuff but cannot seem to figure out how it works in the iA Writer environment. After typing the top line of the note and hitting enter, this becomes the file name. Not sure if the YAML needs to be at the first line level or if it can be in the body of the markdown file.

    Researching YAML might be something I reference working on in the future.

  • Hi, @Erich,

    Grouping zettel and dumping their content into a document for a short writing project is easier in iA Writer. iA Writer doesn't handle YAML frontmatter in an orthodox way. I'd ignore the whole arena of YAML for now. You're not using YAML, nor is iA Writer.

    Go into a 'Library' in iA Writer and create a new test note for testing. Then drag and drop from the 'Library' list other notes into it and watch the preview grow. You can still go back and edit the separate notes, and the changes you made will be reflected in the preview, which can be exported to a few formats.

    Will Simpson
    “Read Poetry, Listen to Good Music, and Get Exercise”

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    It is great to see how this capability works in the Mac OS environment using iA Writer. I will need to see if I can mimic it using my iPAD Pro (I don’t have a Mac or PC).

    Tried steps as demonstrated above with .txt extensions (my default file type) and I was blocked from completing the drag process. I noticed when you dragged the note it had a .md extension.

    No worries, I’ll play around and see if I can get it to work. Appreciate the help!

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