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What is it like watching your Zettelkasten grow up?

For me it is rewarding because seeing my Zettelkasten grow is seeing the fruits of my labor. But, it also makes me aware of time and the passage of time and what a short season lifetime is.

Do you still remember when your Zettelkasten was young?

Edmund Gröpl
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    I think my ZK is still pretty "young". To me, "growing up" has more to do with making and finding new links between zettels than it is with building various types of notes. It is satisfying to see the numbers of notes grow, but don't be deceived by just quantity; also look at quality, which includes both the maturity of your notes and the ways they are inter-connected.

  • Like watching paint dry.

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  • We are in 2020. I put some materials on an empty field and try to build a house.

    I don't know how to build walls, without even talking about fundations or anything. It does not work well, but I can't say why. I soon understand I have to master the essential gestures of housebuilding.

    The story from this point is "how I learnt day after day housebuildings". I know how to craft bricks, try to assemble them to form walls. Now I try to structure the whole into a full building. Here I have some fundations, a floor, some walls here and here. Day after day, it begins to look like more a building than a building playground area.

  • Actually, it is what @scottscheper propagates the most: Like watching and honing a bonsay tree.

    I am a Zettler

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