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ios apps that can be used for Zettelkasten

I am curious as to what ios apps and workflows that people are using that can be used with the ARCHIVE app to create zettelkastens . Drafts 5 just came out today and I am wondering if it would be a good fit for using and then transferred to the ARCHIVE app.


  • I've tried a ton of different iOS text editors, and 1Writer is the one I like best by a significant margin.

    It is overall a well designed app that comes with a lot of useful built-in features. You could already stop there and be very happy with the app. You can, however, also tremendously extend its functionality via JavaScript actions that you can either write yourself or download from an online action directory.

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    I second Basil's recommendation: 1Writer is a good mobile archive browser and the actions make some workflows very pleasant.

    I also use (the old) Drafts with an export that inserts the ID, heading, and ##inbox tag if I take a note on the go (or from bed when ill, since I don't own a MacBook). I use Drafts far more often than 1Writer.

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  • Any chance you could post that Drafts action?

    I've bought/subscribed to Drafts 5, but from my starting point, there's a bit of a learning curve.

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