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What software are you using?

In browsing discussions I'm left with the impression that people keep talking about their systems, and assuming that everyone else is using the same software. Or at the very least, that it will be obvious to the reader what software they're using.

But it's not always obvious to me.

Most recently someone was asking a very specific question about searching, and it was clear that they were using a specific package, but it wasn't at all obvious to me what package it was. I spent several seconds in confusion, trying to work it out. (It was, apparently, a thing called "The Archive", which I've never seen.)

So ...

  • What software are you using?
  • What do you particularly like about it?
  • What features do other people talk about that you wish you had?

(Apologies if this is all old-hat to everyone else, or if it's inappropriate. If it is inappropriate, please leave a note saying why and I'll try to ask better questions.)


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