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TaskPaper - Tips, Tricks, Workflows etc.

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Just want to have a place in which to collect all the little nuggets regarding TaskPaper.

I will maintain a TOC in the first post.

Table of Contents

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I am a Zettler


  • I set the font of the “note”-type to a monospace font. Then I can make aligned tables happen:

    I am a Zettler

  • TaskPaper 3 is currently available at a heavy discount at https://bundlehunt.com

    Possibly also interesting for BBEdit users: I‘ve written a little language module for BBEdit which provides color highlighting for projects, tags and notes, and allows for folding of projects with multiple tasks. An outline of all project headings is also available via BBEdit's function popup menu.


    It‘s not been updated for a long time but I think it still works.

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