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Way to create index notes that are visually pleasing

So we all know why we should use monospace fonts in The Archive. I myself am using IBM Plex Mono, which is very nice indeed.

I want to create index/TOC files using this syntax:

Name of Note.........................[[File Link]]

I would like a way to automatically put enough periods in there to get the file link's last bracket up against my wrap limit. Any ideas?

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  • I do it via typinator. I have a snippet that inserts 20 dots. Saves a lot of dotting. :smile:

    @ctietze What did I say? :smile:

  • :grin: okay okay, I see it's 2 people on the whole planet now :) Don't worry, the LineDottificator is still on my to do list.

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  • Honestly, I'm pretty sure I can't use my computer at all until the LineDottificator is ready. Plz hurry k thx bye!

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