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[Bug Report] editor does poor job of line wrapping when window less than the line width setting.

Here is a screenshot of two editor windows, the left shows padding on the left and the right. The lines in this window will resize appropriately when the window is resized. On the right shows the same note open in the same sized window and there is no padding on the right. Some of the letters/words are cut off. They remain cut off when resizing the window until the window size can accommodate the "Line width" setting.

Steps to reproduce.
Who knows? I tried to retrace my steps but it would do it again. I've seen this once or twice before. Maybe in the last release, maybe not. I feel like I'm not much help reporting a bug that I can't reproduce.
All I remember doing is starting a new tab and moving the tab to a new window. I do this once or twice a zettelkasting session to put The Archive in the two window workflow.

Will Simpson
I'm a futzing, second-guessing, backtracking, compulsive oversharing, ZK-maniac, in other words, your typical zettelnant.
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