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[REQUEST] Search accent agnostic

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Hello fellow zettelnauts,

Would it be possible, or maybe there is already a way, to make that search do not take accents into account?
I'm writing in french and we use accent a lot. Sometime in the flow, words are unintentionally accent mispelled… and then it's difficult to find a word like hétérarchie if written héterarchie . Would it be possible to search for heterarchie and find all occurences ignoring accents?
Knowing that each year the Superior Council of the French Language is changing the spelling of words, specially the accentued ones, this function could prove useful in the future.

Thank you for your answer,


  • Thanks for bringing this up -- this is indeed super important for search for a lot of characters. Will have a look at why this isn't working already!

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  • Thank you Christian

  • this change could have negative side effects for accented note identifiers like üü

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  • Good observation,. @zk_1000! Forgot to update this post.

    I came to a similar conclusion in my first naive tests -- you couldn't differentiate between ü and u and ú etc. anymore. That renders a lot of search results useless, increasing the noise. Didn't realize that at all at first.

    FYI, my best idea so far, if we want this at all in the future, is to have an operation like the opposite of literal/verbatim quotation marks. Like a "treat this very loosely" operator. Not a fan.

    So we're not going to tackle this anytime soon. It's on the long list of things Sascha and I will review when we plan version 2 and re-evaluate the scope of the app. I currently doubt note-takers will prefer this feature over literal and exact matches for most of the time.

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