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WAYWOW 2021-06-14 to 2021-06-20

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WAYWOW = What Are You Working On this Week

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  • This week, converting the posts of a defunct blog into Zettels with Markdown LaTeX. A truncated example in Zettlr (the PDF output is considerably improved):

    I'm using Zettlr+Pandoc+MikTeX+Zotero+BetterBibTex.

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    This week -- mostly editing of the manuscript, some work-for-food, and a private anniversary to celebrate. Maybe I can also manage to finish something cool and """secret""" for The Archive on the side, but will likely carry over to next week. Not much Zettel-making planned, but I like to read more in the brighter months on the year, so the backlog grows :grimace:


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    • no fiction at the moment :(

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  • Reading "Darwin's Radio" by Greg Bear. Interesting premise and I'm sure the science is solid (at least, as of when it was written). Plot and pace are good, and improve as the book proceeds (I'm about half way through now). If I pay attention, there might be a few writing tips in their from Greg Bear.

  • Honestly, not doing a lot of Zettelkasten work since I am busy with other work-stuff :smile: But I enjoy reading all the nice posts here on the forum :smile:

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    Working on a model called "movement homunculus". It is basically a unified model for a generalist training approach (one level more generalist than crossfit but not so generalist like Ido Portal might want us to be).

    The basic concept looks like this:

    For the intermediate produkt I will use the this image:


    The final product will be a handmade drawing.

    The goal is to have a simple tool to guide once personal decision on how complete you want to go with your personal movement practice.

    I have outlined a little video series on the basic actions of the Zettelkasten Method in The Archive (and perhaps one or two alternative apps). It will be public, so I can make it an requirement for getting coaching.

    I am a Zettler

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